An Emotion, A Thought,
Blessing of Humanity

We rise by lifting Others.

Human Ambulance Founded by Shuvajit Saha is a platform of learning soft skill and lifestyle elements by practical world which opens the door of volunteering for the whole world who has heart to help.

Human Ambulance is a volunteering forum where young and literate mind help people in their medical emergency by giving patients and their family with basic help or knowledge of what could be done in certain situations, what could be the requirements etc. and for that we provide free soft skill and communication class and in return take help of the volunteers to make the community healthier and happier.

Our Story

Human Ambulance

Shuvajit Saha, the visionaire of Human Ambulance started this journey five years ago where his fellow friends and him used to help people within their community by guiding them to reach the closest and required hospitals in the emergency situations, providing with blood from blood banks, that's How they started sowing the seeds of humanity which has further turned into growing Trees with various branches, In 2019 when Shuvajit Saha felt the impact of Human ambulance he started elaborating the space for it and stretched the helpful hands towards mankind.

Human Ambulance

This journey has started in an uncertain way but with time and experience they’ve developed required skills and named themselves as Human Ambulance with this grassroots movement Human Ambulance is possibly helping in the local levels that brought a positive change in the areas of Kolkata, India. We believe this way could help the needy in emergencies and to build a community of volunteers which cares for the society simultaneously contributes in every aspect for a long-term solutions in healthcare.

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