Women's Day

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This Women's Day, pledge for your better health by incorporating these 5 healthy habits:

Your health care routine is as important as your skin care routine. Women get exposed to many things than men in any aspect. So as taking care of one's health becomes more important. Selfcare is the essential key to work on both mental and physical health.

  1. Not Skipping Breakfast:

    You might make breakfast for the entire family but you got to make sure that you don't skip breakfast. As it is the most essential meal of the day. Your body requires energy entire day and breakfast gives energy to stay active all day as it is breaking the fast [Break-fast] and doesn't make you dizzy.

  2. Meditation:

    Meditation is the best exercise to start your day with. You eliminate the negative energy from your mind and soulby doing this. Hence, you will be able to focus better on your chores and this will boost your mental ability.

  3. Doing dishes or cleaning:

    Now, this might sound funny or tricky but doing dishes or any light work at home besides professional work can activate your happy cells. Cleaning or organizing a closet can reduce so much of your stress and can help you build an active mind.

  4. Getting enough sleep:

    Sleeping for atleast 8 to 9 hours can change one's life. It will reduce stress, anxiety, skin related problems and gives you healthy skin. Sleeping 8 hours helps you to get a healthy gut.

  5. Fruits as snacks:

    Now food plays a major role in one's health. It is nothing but a medicine to your body. Substituting snacks with fruits can help you get a healthy gut, it gives your body essential vitamins and minerals and keeps your body hydrated.

Author : Anjum Begum | Published On : 7th March, 2021


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